Gray Angel

The Gray Angel is an honor bestowed on the oldest living Blue Angel from the earliest team to recognize the significance of our squadron's rich legacy, which has been passed down from the earliest teams as the finest example of commitment, teamwork and excellence.
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The History

of the Gray Angel title & trophy
Gray Angel Trophy

At the 75th Anniversary Reunion, the BAA announced the establishment of the honorary title of Gray Angel to recognize the oldest living Blue Angel officer from the earliest team.

The inscription on the Gray Angel trophy reads:

“The Venerable Order of the Gray Angel. Held by the most ancient Blue Angel from the earliest Blue Angels Team. In recognition of the inspiration and rich legacy passed down from the Blue Angels of yore as the finest example of commitment, teamwork, and aerial excellence.”

At the top of the trophy is a youngster, looking skyward, about to launch a toy airplane, dreaming of one day taking flight. It represents the love of flight in a young heart no matter a person’s age.

The supporting structure of the trophy represents the strength of teamwork, commitment to excellence, and the discipline to seek continuous improvement every day, hallmarks of Blue Angels culture.

The silver cup in the center of the trophy signifies victory and was patterned after the championship trophy awarded to the first Blue Angels “for the finest exhibition of precision flying at the Southeastern Airshow and Exhibition in Jacksonville, Florida on June 16,1946.”

The trophy resides in the Blue Angels ready room next to the iconic 1946 trophy.

The names of all those who would have previously held the title are inscribed on the trophy’s plaque.


Bill Gureck

The oldest living Blue Angel officer from the earliest Team
Isolated trophy for the Gray Angel

Honoring those before us

Past Gray Angels

Roy "Butch" Voris


Al Taddeo


Fritz Roth


"Whitey” Feightner


Charles Heitt


Bruce Bagwell