Thrilling Blue Angel IMAX Feature

Hits Theaters May 17

More than three years in the making, the Blue Angels will be featured in an IMAX documentary being released in May 2024. The 94-minute film was directed by Paul Crowder, and produced by a prominent team including J.J. Abrams, actor Glen Powell and former Blue Angel Boss, Greg Wooldridge. Fun fact: The same aerial film crews and NAVAIR-approved rigs from Top Gun: Maverick were also used in this production. In this BAA exclusive article, you will hear first-hand from Boss Brian Kesselring about the one secret ingredient behind Hollywood’s filming of never-before-seen midair footage of the Blue Angels.


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Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is widely known for executing his own movie stunts. But, for the long-awaited Top Gun sequel, he had to rely on the help of the U.S. Navy to achieve the most authentic aerial movie scenes ever filmed. Cmdr. Frank “Walleye” Weisser, USN (Ret.) is a former Blue Angel solo pilot who flew several of the most intense aerial sequences featured in the film. In this interview, Walleye publicly reveals for the first time how he was selected to assist in the production of “Top Gun: Maverick” and what it was like to work as a stunt pilot for Tom Cruise. Spoiler alert! The F/A-18E used in production as Maverick’s jet (BuNo 165536) has since been converted and is now being flown by the current team!

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