Chuck Newcombe


Chuck Newcomb, upon graduation from California State University at Los Angeles in 1967, entered the Navy as an Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate (AVROC). Upon receiving his wings as a Naval Flight Officer (NFO), Chuck was assigned to VF-101 at Oceana, Va. for training in the F-4 Phantom, followed by a tour with VF-32 aboard the John F. Kennedy. His next assignment was as an NFO, ACM instructor with VF-101 in Key West, Florida. Chuck was then selected to fill the NFO position with Blue Angels, where he served as the Events Coordinator/Public Affairs Officer from 1972-1974.

In 1975 Chuck formed C.K. Newcomb & Associates, Inc., a Special Events management company. The company has produced over 150 major Aviation Events throughout the U.S., including the Grand Opening of Denver International Airport, the Mikoyan Design Bureau’s historic 1991 “MIG-29 Friendship Tour” and the 2003 Century of Flight Celebration in Dayton, Ohio. The company also produced the first “Big City” Indianapolis-Car Grand Prix style auto race in the U.S. and was an integral part of the management team of 80’s Pop Music Star Cyndi Lauper. Chuck has been affiliated with the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) since 1975, serving at total of eighteen years as a member of its Board of Director’s, including two years as Chairman.

Chuck currently serves as Executive Director of the Cleveland National Air Show, a position he has held since 1975. He and his wife Jenny reside in Pensacola, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio. Chuck considers himself fortunate and privileged to have a career associated with Naval Aviation and the Air Show Industry.